Green Waste Removal

Green Waste Removal

If you have a garden, then it’s obvious you will generate green waste when cleaning the yard. That includes trees, leaves, branches, dead plants, lawn clippings, shrub pruning’s, among others.
According to research conducted disposing of green waste has been a problem in Sydney for a long time. Sydney being a tropical climatic region, therefore plant growth is all year round.
It is about time that you, as a citizen, take the matter with the seriousness it deserves.
Most of the homes in the Sydney region usually generate green waste across the year. For example, if each home makes a maximum of 2 tons a year. Now how many tons will be there in the region? You do the math.
This is a considerable amount of green waste when disposed of inappropriately will harm you and the environment as well. Therefore we need to manage our green waste the right way, and this is by recycling.

Disposing of Green Waste

There are various ways of disposing of green waste will looking after the environment. However, some steps should be followed to separate the green waste separate to any other rubbish. By doing so, you can assess the amount of waste that you have and need to be disposed of.
There are three ways that you could consider getting rid of the green waste from your home. They include:

(1) Using the green waste bin supplied by your local council. This may only be possible if you have a small amount of green waste.
The city provides you with a green waste bin and also offers a free trash collection. Therefore you can utilize these services to your own benefit. Ensure that you have gathered all the green waste around the house or farm and put them together.
The city trash collection personnel will come and pick up the green waste every fortnight. Once they have done this, they transport the waste back to their facility where recycling is done. The green waste is recycled into garden mulch.
However, they only collect green waste in small amounts. That means if you are having a lot of it, you will end up having a massive pile of garbage at your home. This is something we would not want you to go through.

(2) Take it to the nearest recycling center:

Well, sometimes it hard to wait for the cleaners to come by. Therefore if you have a truck, you can use it to transport the green waste to the local recycling center.
The city of Sydney has various waste management firms that allow you to dump the green waste at their recycling centers. However, the recycling/transfer centers will charge you a fee starting at a bare minimum price of about $70+GST for a limited amount such as a small ute-load.
You can look up the recycling center to ensure you don’t dump the waste in unwanted areas. This is because you will end up on the wrong side of the law.

(3) Hiring a professional rubbish removal company:

The third but best and most convenient when it comes to waste removal. Hiring a professional rubbish removal company such as Cleanup Rubbish Removal will save you time and money. You may think that they are expensive to hire, but no, they are affordable and pocket-friendly.
To save you all the trouble, why don’t you leave the green waste disposal to us and you go ahead and relax. We have the best team that will handle the green waste fast and effectively ensuring you place remains clean and also free of fire hazards.
If you have green waste that is giving you a headache, then Cleanup Rubbish Removal a call. Our services are well customized to fit your needs and ensure a stress free cleanup. Burning the green waste is illegal and can attract large fines. Therefore what are you waiting for calling us now!

At Cleanup Rubbish Removal, we offer services that are fast and cost effective and ensure your green waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
We all are obligated to take care of the environment, starting from our homes to the workplaces. You may think what you are doing wrong won’t affect you, but in one way or another, it does. Therefore be responsible on how you take care of waste. The planet needs us to clean it up.
Call Cleanup Rubbish Removal on 1800 954 470 and we can arrange a obligation free quotation and will dispose of your green waste in an environmentally friendly manner.