About Green Waste Rubbish Removal & Disposal in Sydney

About Green Waste Rubbish Removal & Disposal in Sydney

Green Waste Disposal – Lets Discuss In Detail

If you’ve lived in Sydney long enough, then you know that green waste disposal is an issue we all need to discuss. With a tropical climate that encourages plant growth all year round, it is important that all Sydney residents take green waste removal seriously.

What is Green Waste?

Green waste is simply organic or biological waste. It mostly comprises plant waste from yards and gardens i.e. leaves, tree branches, lawn clippings, shrub pruning, dead plants, weeds, etc. With this knowledge, you can now estimate how much green waste is generated by a single home and how this can become a problem if it is not properly managed.
It is important to understand how we can manage our green waste disposal because it can go either way. If rightly disposed of, green waste can be re-purposed or recycled. On the other hand, if we just dump green waste wherever and whenever we feel like it, we will be causing more harm to an already dying planet.

Disposing Green Waste

When it comes to green waste disposal, there are so many things to take into consideration. First, you must separate and pile all green waste appropriately. Putting all the debris together will help you assess the amount of green waste that needs disposing of and how much time you have to clear it all out. Doing this will help you decide on which of the following green waste disposal options to consider.

• Call Your Local Waste Removal Service:

The city of Sydney provides green bins to its residents and they also offer a free waste collection service. As a Sydney resident, make sure to gather all your green waste into the city issued green bin regularly. Every fortnight, the waste collection service comes by to pick up your green waste which they recycle into mulch, soil conditioners, or compost. While this is a budget-friendly option, it is important to note that the Sydney waste collection service can only collect waste in small amounts. This means that if you have embarked on a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering of your garden, you may want to consider other options. Also, scheduled collection days means that you’re stuck with your trash until the next collection day. You can always explore other options if this is not an arrangement you are comfortable with. For more information on bin issuance and collection days, simply visit the City of Sydney Website.

• Haul it to the nearest waste dump:

If you own a truck and you do not mind getting your boot a little dirty, you can gather your green waste and haul it to the nearest dump yourself. The city of Sydney has a couple of waste management companies that will allow you to dump your green waste in their landfills (e.g. SUEZ). These companies will however charge you a fee for dumping your waste with them. At the current time, they have a minimum charge of around $70.00+GST

Hire A Professional Rubbish Removal Company:

Hiring a waste removal service may not only save you time and effort, but it might save you money in the long run. When you think of fueling your truck, loading it, and driving it down to the waste dump, you’ll realize that it’s totally not worth the hassle. Why go through all of that when you could simply hire a professional waste removal service that knows exactly what they are doing?

At Cleanup Rubbish Removal, we not only offer affordable rates but we also provide customized green waste disposal services to our customers. For efficient loading and disposal of all garden waste in Sydney, Cleanup Rubbish Removal is always at your service.

In some areas, backyard burning is not considered illegal by the local authorities. However, in the city of Sydney, it is illegal to burn waste in your yard. So save yourself the time, effort, and the possibility of a fine by putting a call through to us today!